Our two-fold mission:

1. To inform, inspire and activate a new story of peace, equality and right action towards all life.
2. To provide a platform for todays leading edge thinkers in the area of Environmental Restoration, Social Justice, Conscious Evolution and Spiritual Fulfillment.

We humans are facing the most important choice in the history of humanity: We can choose a positive planetary future that embraces cooperation, mutual respect and a sustainable society or we can continue in the direction we are headed with unexamined global growth and the exploitation of our natural capital which strips the future from our children and threatens all life on earth. We have within us the power to choose this shift, but we must first be informed.

Mainstream media is controlled by a small handful of corporate conglomerates that are primarily interested in producing entertainment and acquiring short-term profits. This keeps us from looking at the deeper impact of our actions on future generations and the quality of life itself. We must balance the 91% reactionary and mostly negative programming of weekday talk radio with alternatives that bring positive, informed, solution orientated programs.

Conversations promises to move beyond the current fear based reporting by taking into account the wisdom of leading edge thinkers with a global systems perspective of where we are, where we are headed and what we can do to bring about a new order of thinking that is consistent with what the majority of all humans want: Safety and education for their children; healthful food, clothing and shelter for their families; access to clean water, fresh air and affordable healthcare… These are neither conservative nor progressive ideals – these values lie at the heart of what it means to be human.

Conversations airs live Every Tuesday from 1-2 pm on KVMR 89.5 FM