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Today you can transform the voice of tomorrow by transforming media.

CONVERSATIONS radio program brings the best in innovative perspectives from today’s philosophers, writers, scholars, artists, activists, and spiritual leaders who are committed to healing the wounds of our world and midwife in a new era of cooperation and mutual respect for all life. CONVERSATIONS’ guests inform and inspire audiences who seek positive change and intelligent exploration of issues that matter.

We humans face an important choice in our history: We can choose a positive planetary future that embraces cooperation, mutual respect, and a sustainable society, or we can continue unexamined global growth and strip the future from our children by threatening all life on earth. We have within us the power to choose a more sustainable future, but we must first be informed.

Since May 2006, CONVERSATIONS has offered a humanistic and intelligent alternative to conglomerate-owned and profit-driven mainstream media. Guided by principles more profound than profit, the show examines the impact of our actions on future generations and the quality of life itself. We balance the 91% conservative, and mostly negative programming, of talk radio with guests and perspectives that are positive, informed, and solution-oriented. The show provides innovative approaches to global and local concerns, offering enlightened views that resonate with a wide range of listeners, hungry to know the truth.

American audiences are ready to change the paradigm, and now all they have to do is turn the dial. CONVERSATIONS is radio that is life-affirming and brings hope for a more just, sustainable, and healthy world for our children and grandchildren.

CONVERSATIONS answers the question “Are we listening?” by featuring a range of guests who share insight into how we can create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just world.

Please consider making a tax-free investment to CONVERSATIONS and inform the general public of the issues and the positive approaches that are available to solve them. Your investment is an investment in our planet and the future of the children of all species for all time. Any and all donations are welcomed. Thank you in advance for your contributions. You can make checks out to CONVERSATIONS at KVMR and mail them to the address below.

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…how we use the media can foster either collective greed and fear, or collective awakening and compassion…The average person sees roughly 25,000 commercials a year… advertisements for a consumerist lifestyle and for the attitudes and values that support that lifestyle…As we move into a new era where the challenge is to live sustainably, we need new programming that reflects the new “realities”… By bringing inspiring stories, positive self-images, and hopeful visions of the future into the mass media, we simultaneously bring those healing visions into the collective mind…

– Duane Elgin from “Transforming Mass Media”