Attention: General Managers and Program Directors

CONVERSATIONS is radio that resonates with today’s listeners.

It speaks to contemporary youth who seek to move beyond the status quo to discover new ways to meet the world; it addresses the concerns of families looking to create healthy and life-positive communities for their children; it answers the longing of Cultural Creatives who wish to leave a better world for future generations, and to make a lasting difference.

CONVERSATIONS is not pabulum radio. Since May 2006 CONVERSATIONS has provided listeners access to the greatest thinkers of the 21st Century. The program brings the best in innovative perspectives from today’s philosophers, writers, scholars, artists, activists, and spiritual leaders who are committed to healing the wounds of our world. CONVERSATIONS informs and inspires listeners who seek positive change and intelligent exploration of issues that matter.

Guests applaud CONVERSATIONS host Michael Stone’s thoughtful and substantive approaches to the issues. David Korten, internationally best-selling author explains, “Michael Stone is a master interviewer. He has total command of the material and of my work and asked excellent questions that moved the interview on a smooth trajectory to a meaningful and positive conclusion.” Listeners have consistently expressed their support for the show through their significant contributions during pledge drives and growing numbers have continued to tune in since its inception.

CONVERSATIONS offers a humanistic and intelligent alternative to conglomerate-owned and profit-driven mainstream media. The show is a much-desired counterpoint to the 91% reactive, and mostly negative programming, of weekday talk radio. The show moves beyond current mainstream reporting by featuring enlightened perspectives on the issues that matter to a well-educated and forward-thinking demographic.

CONVERSATIONS answers the question “Are we listening?” by bringing a range of guests who share insight into how we can create sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just lives.

Please support CONVERSATIONS in reaching the widest possible audience by bringing the show to your listening area.

Michael Stone’s CONVERSATIONS is an audience builder because of its great guests. Michael has impressive contacts, so he brings a universe of resources that are not available to local markets. He offers audiences information and inspiration they get nowhere else… and improves the quality of life of his listeners.

– David Levin, General Manager KVMR